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A&D Towing and Recovery

At A&D Towing & Recovery, we provide quality work and service at affordable prices. From towing to recovery and roadside assistance, we bring the services you need to overcome all kinds of obstacles. We provide expert transport services to get your equipment, truck or specialty items safely delivered to their intended destination. All our technicians are trained and ready to serve you. A&D Towing and Recovery is who you need to know whenever you’re in an emergency. We have you covered with 24-hour recovery and roadside assistance. From heavy duty winching to onsite truck services, like trailer repairs and load shifts, we’re prepared to provide it all. No matter whether you need heavy duty towing or roadside assistance, trust A&D Towing and Recovery to bring it to you.

46 Liberty St, Little Ferry, NJ 07643

(201) 641-6696



I have been using A&D for many years and never had a problem. I asked Don once if he would bring my show cars to my house in SC as a joke and he took my 12 cars down to SC. Not even a scratch. You are talking cars worth in the hundreds of thousands. He did it quick and affordably. Thank you guys for the great job. I'm so happy.

A&D is a great company. They are a perfect example of what road service and towing should be.
Bonnie W.
If you need a real towing company you need to call Don. A D has been doing my towing for 7 years and I refuse to use anybody else. Their equipment is new and state of the art. The service is immediate. Great company.
Mauro Z.

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